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NY Social Security Disability Blog

A Pair of Paperwork Powerhouses

A dedicated and capable support staff is the backbone of any great law office. At Alegria & Barovick LLP, we recognize the difference an excellent support staff make. While attorneys can handle the legal strategies employed, it is the support staff who keep things running smoothly and anticipate potential issues before they become real problems. In our practice, we handle a great deal of Social Security Disability cases and these often require reviewing a client’s [...]

Social Security Disability Cases: Attorneys as Motivators

There are many workers eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) who, for various reasons, never proceed with all the steps necessary to receive their benefits. In addition to the physical suffering, being injured or disabled for a long time can take an emotional and financial toll on anyone, which is why it is important for people who are unable to work to consult with an attorney who handles Social Security cases. In our practice, [...]

Don’t Suffer In Silence: How Your Medical Record Can Make or Break Your Claim

We are fortunate in this country that our government provides assistance to those members of society who are no longer able to work due to a disability. The federal government’s Social Security Disability program acts as a safety net for those individuals by providing: Monthly stipends for the disabled person; Monthly stipends for qualifying family members; Medical coverage under Medicare. Getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits is a long and complex process, rarely taking [...]

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