Social Security Disability Cases: Attorneys as Motivators

There are many workers eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) who, for various reasons, never proceed with all the steps necessary to receive their benefits. In addition to the physical suffering, being injured or disabled for a long time can take an emotional and financial toll on anyone, which is why it is important for people who are unable to work to consult with an attorney who handles Social Security cases. In our practice, we see clients everyday in these situations and part of our job is to help steer them back to a positive outlook about their futures as well as to make sure they receive all the financial benefits they are due.

We recently had a client who had an SSDI case that was three and a half years old. She had never gone for medical treatment, which caused her case to be continually deferred due to a lack of evidence. Once we stepped in, we convinced her to see doctors and collect her medical records. We were soon able to gather enough evidence to have her found disabled by the Social Security Administration and she was awarded a substantial amount of money, going back three and a half years. It was a very good outcome. In many ways we acted not only as attorneys but also as coaches. In the years since her injury, this client had fallen into depression and had given up. We were able to persuade her that her case was worth fighting for and improve her overall quality of life.

For Social Security benefit cases, we usually work on contingency, meaning that we only get paid if the client collects benefits. But in every case, we do our best to see that the disabled individual gets the medical help and emotional support he or she needs to move forward. Obviously getting all the financial benefits they are eligible for is an aspect of this recovery, but sometimes it is just one part of a broader goal. In a recent case, we were able to convince a client to get needed medical help and because of this, she regained her health enough to actually go back to work. Even though there was no financial reward for us, we were proud of this outcome.

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When the stakes are high, you want lawyers that have the experience and the passion to win. Anselmo Alegria and Andrew Barovick have been practicing law for over 25 years. They founded their firm in February, 2013. Since then, they have obtained significant recoveries for their medical malpractice and personal injury clients and they have also obtained SSD benefits for scores of disabled individuals who had been denied those same benefits when they first applied for them.