Social Security/Disability In The News

U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin says Social Security benefits are among those that should by denied to illegal immigrants, according this article from the Kansas City Star.

Most of us assume that because Social Security is a federal program, every state has Social Security coverage in place, and that the cost of one’s benefits is deducted regularly from the paychecks of state residents.  However, if you live in Louisiana and are employed by the state, that assumption would be wrong.  According to Saturday’s New Orleans Times-Picayne, Gov. Bobby Jindal is considering a plan that would give his state’s workers the eqivalent of Social Security benefits.

Of course, not everyone supports Social Security benefits, even though American citizens have paid into the system, and depended on their benefits for decades.  Former GOP presidential candidate and current Gov. of Texas, Rick Perry, calls it nothing but a “Ponzi scheme” that should be eliminated, according to Saturday’s West Virginia Gazette-Mail.

One way to insure your receipt of SSI benefits without interruption is to sign up for e-payments, so that even if you are away from home, you can obtain your benefits.

Americans living with disabilities will be reassured by a recent ruling from a Massachusetts federal court.  It ruled that even Netflix must comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act, which means that the movie-streaming company may have to provide captioning in its products for its hearing-impaired audience, according to

We leave you with a somber thought. What if social security/disability runs out of money? Yahoo Finance offers up some good advice, though many will be unable to take advantage of it. Some believe that social security/disability funds will run out in the near future.  Everyone acnkowledges that such benefits are not enough by themselves to support your retirement.  What is the answer?  Buy other forms of insurance, such as disability, now.

As always, if you have questions about social security/disability benefits, we are glad to do our best to provide answers.

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