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Client Testimonials

We take pride in providing our clients with top quality representation. Below you can see what some of our previous clients have to say about us.

“Every time I called them, they were there. They are a good law firm that helped me along the way. They are excellent.”
– KC – Bronx, New York
“Very professional, they always stayed on top of me and to stay on top of myself and helped me to stay on top of treatment. Encouraged me not to give up because there were many times I did not want continue. The people were very efficient and very nice to me. Highly recommended.”
– KC – Sandy Hook, Connecticut
“I would tell everybody to speak to Mr. Barovick, because he is a great attorney in my book and the people that work in the office are truly helpful. They always keep their promises and keep you in the loop. When you call ask for Rebecca or Zulima.”
– MC
“The staff is very professional. They kept me informed about my case and whenever I had a question, they responded in a timely manner.”
– SS – Bronx, New York
“A Wonderful firm that treated me like family.”
– JL – Bronx, New York
“Alegria & Barovick are very excellent and polite and get the job done. There is no other firm like them. All employees in the firm are very helpful and great.”
– JS – New York, New York
“Go to A&B. They helped me win my SSA case. Something that I was fighting for last 3 years. Rebecca and the other legal assistants were very professional and made sure I was on top of everything. They were on top of my case and made sure everything was received or sent out. We were like a family.” – JG – New York, New York
“The firm is very focused and made me feel very comfortable in an uncomfortable and awkward situation. They helped minimize the stress that would have happened, if I did it alone. Everybody was confident, patient and diligent.”
– JM – New York, New York
“The firm is very professional and always kept me informed of the status of my case. I felt they were working on my behalf.”
– JS – Kingston, New York
“Malpractice cases are difficult to endure simply for the reason that brought you to court in the first place. Mr. Barovick’s caring, attention and genuine concern for my family helped us through this difficult time. He was well prepared and his attention to detail was obvious. His knowledge and skill in front of a jury was evident and quite impressive and when he need to, his aggressive questioning seemed to reveal truthful facts that were important in our case. For these reasons, I would be glad to recommend Andrew Barovick to friends, family and to anyone in a situation that needs the attention that Andrew gave to us and to our case.”
– DY – Staten Island, New York
“You worked really hard on my case and followed up on everything. Very Thorough. Your percentage amount is fair; your firm is very responsive in a timely manner. Your customer service is great, and the attorney was very helpful, right before the hearing he helped me calm down and be confident.”
– KP – Saint George, Utah
“I was very happy with the service I received. A&B are very professional and they know what they do. I like the fact that the attorney took the time to sit down with me before the hearing and explained what was going to happen so I didn’t get nervous. After talking to him, I was calm and confident to go in front of the judge. The attorney was very professional and knew my case; I felt well-represented.”
– AP – New York, New York
“The lawyer was extremely considerate, very helpful and knowledgeable. Provided clear understanding about my case and asked a lot of questions to better understand my condition. Explained very well how the policy with the Social Security Administration works as well as the paperwork process. For me, understanding those little details made me confident that the firm knew what they were doing. The individuals working with the attorney were very helpful and easy to speak to. They always expressed their caring and consideration.”
– AB – Bronx, New York
“Totally efficient, on time, always calls back. Caring, prompt and thorough.”
– SB – Stuart, Florida

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